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Kendra did a great job explaining how Nala thinks and I believe that I understand her better now. Kendra was absolutely knowledgeable, personable and professional. Kendra made great progress with us and Nala on the first visit and it felt like we just invited a friend over. Kendra is very knowledgeable and was able to both guide us and answer all of our questions. She explained the importance of us doing the assigned homework and we understand if we don't put in the work, we won't see results. We are already seeing remarkable improvements in our dog's behavior after just one visit.
Megan P., Lexington, Kentucky 20th March 2014

Kendra was amazing, she explained everything very thoroughly and made it easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters and Kendra.
Jenn Z., Lexington, Kentucky 7th March 2014

We give Kendra excellent marks in all areas....[knowledge, explaining the program and homework clearly, importance of homework, etc..]
John and Adrienne H., Lex, Kentucky 1st March 2014

Great insights to help us behave better. I would recommend Bark Busters and Kendra because she gave in-depth [explanations] and was very knowledgeable. Kendra was great! We had a good time.
Jenny R., Lexington, Kentucky 19th February 2014

My trainer made me understand I need to change how I thing to how dogs think. She [Kendra] was knowledgeable, personable and professional and made me feel comfortable in the fact that I'd be learning too. We would recommend because after one day it really started working.
Leigh-Ann and Mike P., Lexington, Kentucky 1st February 2014

Very friendly and helpful. I can't believe the progress we've seen in just one session. Amazing! Excellent marks on all areas.
Tiffany and Jason C., Lexington, Kentucky 23rd January 2014

Excellent marks in all areas. We have had positive results following first session; feeling hopeful with puppy training rather than hopeless!
Michael and Glenda O., Lexington, Kentucky 22nd January 2014

Helped us understand how Whiskey thins and how to get him to understand us. Kendra was very knowledgeable, personable and professional. Great personality. Our trainer let us know if we didn't follow through on homework that it wouldn't work. Very professional and easy to understand and follow through with.
K and M J., Lexington, Kentucky 21st January 2014

Kendra was so nice and patient with Riley.
Jennifer V., Lexington, Kentucky 18th January 2014

The training is tailored to individual's dog's needs and instruction is very straight forward so that you know exactly what to do. Kendra is very knowledgeable and personable. Her personality makes training enjoyable and fun without judgment. I learned so much in our first session that I'm sure will make the biggest difference. Thank you!
Lori and Wes P., Nicholasville, Kentucky 8th January 2014

The method of training and provided resources for assistance are amazing. Much to our dismay, Charlie was in charge...until Kendra came into our home. She is wonderful and we are excited about having better control.
M B., Lexington, Kentucky 2nd January 2014

Already seeing results!
B. H., Georgetown, Kentucky 26th December 2013

Excellent marks on all areas.
Erin and Nate S., Lexington, Kentucky 13th October 2013

Excellent marks across the board.
Kellie and Morgan M., Winchester, Kentucky 12th October 2013

Kendra was amazing!!! She really helped us with Bailey. We are glad we found her!
Amy and Josh U., Lexington, Kentucky 12th October 2013

[The canine education] was very interesting and informative. Kendra is fantastic! Excellent marks (five stars) in all areas. Great service and program - we saw a change immediately.
Debra M., Lexington, Kentucky 11th October 2013

Therapist (Kendra) was knowledgeable about training, proper foods and related dog behavior and food needs. Kendra recommended different food and treats and we are now using organic food and it is working well for her.
Neil and Barbara H., Cynthiana, Kentucky 17th September 2013

The presentation on dog behavior and body language was very helpful and really helped us to understand our dog better. Kendra gave us clear, manageable homework plan. She has been very quick to respond to email questions. We've seen great improvement with our dog after just our first lesson. We recommend Bark Busters.
Sarah and Steven L., Lexington, Kentucky 15th September 2013

Excellent marks!
Kanova and Kathi M., Richmond, Kentucky 13th September 2013

Excellent marks on all counts.
Diana S., Lexington, Kentucky 12th September 2013

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