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[The canine education] was very interesting and informative. Kendra is fantastic! Excellent marks (five stars) in all areas. Great service and program - we saw a change immediately.
Debra M., Lexington, Kentucky 11th October 2013

Therapist (Kendra) was knowledgeable about training, proper foods and related dog behavior and food needs. Kendra recommended different food and treats and we are now using organic food and it is working well for her.
Neil and Barbara H., Cynthiana, Kentucky 17th September 2013

The presentation on dog behavior and body language was very helpful and really helped us to understand our dog better. Kendra gave us clear, manageable homework plan. She has been very quick to respond to email questions. We've seen great improvement with our dog after just our first lesson. We recommend Bark Busters.
Sarah and Steven L., Lexington, Kentucky 15th September 2013

Excellent marks!
Kanova and Kathi M., Richmond, Kentucky 13th September 2013

Excellent marks on all counts.
Diana S., Lexington, Kentucky 12th September 2013

Kendra took the time to answer all questions thoughtfully and id not rush through our session. Even though I was unsure about the rapidity of results I was thrilled to see an immediate difference in my dog.
Margot A., Lexington, Kentucky 29th July 2013

Kendra took control and modeled for us the moment she walked in the door. Kendra Tycocki is the best trainer of us and our dog I've ever experienced. She is very knowledgeable, professional, pleasant, patient and thorough.
K. S., Lexington, Kentucky 17th July 2013

Brought realization to my role they (the dogs) put me in ... I was a puppy. The more I was willing and open to learn, the more she was open and willing to teach. Kendra was very specific and clear on importance of homework and repetition/consistency. The results are almost immediate if the owner is seriously wanting results. Kendra is very knowledgeable and willing to give the knowledge you need to be a responsible and successful pet owner.
C. J., Lexington, Kentucky 15th July 2013

This was very informative learning how she [Marlee] things and wants to be in control. Kendra is very knowledgeable, personable and very professional. She was very informative and wanted us to understand doing homework with Marlee is important. She educated us on the importance of daily homework that we need to continue so Marlee will continue to learn and know what to expect. It is unbelievable how Marlee was uncontrollable before we started and how she listens now. We would recommend Bark Busters to everyone. We were totally amazed how Marlee was listening. It is well worth the money.
T. and E. E., Lexington, Kentucky 10th July 2013

Able to see improvement with initial visit. Kendra was excellent. Good explanations and demonstrations. Answered all questions. Made herself available when needed.
Jackie M., Lexington, Kentucky 3rd July 2013

Kendra did a very good job expanding on upon the slides and explaining [on the dog psychology education]. She did great with both the dog and I. She marked with exercises to focus on and provided multiple solution to my questions. She seems very knowledgeable and can tailor the training to the dog.
Christopher T., Lexinton, Kentucky 16th June 2013

I would recommend Bark Busters because it works. There was a difference almost immediately. Amazing! (wish you did cats, too!)
Carryn and Tami L., Danville, Kentucky 6th June 2013

I found the canine behavior discussion very interesting and it cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about my dog. Kendra was very friendly and personable, and also obviously great with dogs. It was fun working with her. Kendra explained the importance of doing the daily homework because these new behaviors need to become habit and won't without practice. Bark Busters is different from other training and seemingly far more effective.
Caroline C., Lexington, Kentucky 28th May 2013

Kendra was ery honest about what Duke did and did not need with regard to his training.
Diana A., Georgetown, Kentucky 27th May 2013

My husband and I weren't sure what to expect. We thought it would be hokey, but Kendra was fantastic! I will highly recommend Kendra to other people. She is an outstanding trainer!
Denise and Charles N., Winchester, Kentucky 23rd May 2013

Kendra taught us how to speak canine. Much easier than teaching the dogs English! She obviously loves her job. She promptly responds to our emails, answering all questions. Kendra emphasized the importance of doing the homework and we do it. We have recommended Bark Busters because it is an amazing program. We can see a huge improvement in the behavior of our Havanese. Our newest adult dog knew nothing and in less than a week, she has made great strides.
Karen F., Lexington, Kentucky 15th May 2013

Dramatic improvement with dogs from day one!
Chandra S., Nicholasville, Kentucky 29th April 2013

Kendra has made mus aware of how dogs think and react. Very informative. She stresses the importance of consistency. When the plan is followed it is amazing how well behaved a dog is and how enjoyable she is to be around.
Nancy C., Lexington, Kentucky 1st February 2013

Kendra was great in explaining how dogs think and how we think and the difference. I keep this in the back of my mind daily. Kendra was wonderful. She answered all of my questions and coached me throughout our lesson. The immediate results were amazing and the plan she set up will reinforce what we learned. Kendra made sure I had my training schedule and stressed the importance to complete tasks daily even if it's not all at one time. This program is wonderful. A friend recommended it to me and I can see why, it works! It is great to have someone come to your home. They offer the reassurance that a video, book or Internet cannot provide. I love that I can email or call my trainer in between sessions. Sometimes you have a moment of "Did I do this right?" and they are there to offer advice.
S. Brenda, Lexingon 26th September 2012

Kendra was very friendly and professional in her approach and presentation. She was very attuned to the specific needs of our dog and created a behavior plan that fit her needs. We were very pleased with our initial session and look forward to working with Kendra in the future. We've already recommended her to our friends.
M. McCormick, Lexington 24th September 2012

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