Dog Owners Reviews

Training was great! Our dogs have continued to respond to the training techniques. Walking is a much more pleasant experience.
J. and M. M., Lexington, KY 2nd April 2005

I needed to be trained more than Luke. It is very helpful to have one-on-one assistance. Luke responded instantly to the training. I feel we will have a much happier household from now on.
L. C., Holt, MI 25th March 2005

After [Kacie's] initial shock she is a changed dog! We all enjoy being around her; the kids don't even mind being left alone with her anymore. We are very happy with the Bark Busters method!
The Robsons, Howell, MI 23rd March 2005

We should have called Bark Busters sooner. We've told many of our friends and will definitely encourage others to 'go the best route there is.' It's worth every cent it cost!
Mike N. & Cindy H., Lansing, MI 19th March 2005

Very informative and an exciting program to use. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of our house.
A. H.- Howell, MI, Howell, MI 18th March 2005

Buddy responded immediately to the training techniques. It was amazing! It made me love Buddy more (if that's possible) because he just seems happier.
T. C., Grand Ledge, MI 18th March 2005

I saw a change in Baron immediately. [Our trainer] Kendra listened to the problems we were having and came up with solutions that met our needs. We feel like we are getting our home back to normal.
B. K., Haslett, MI 18th March 2005

I was very impressed with [our trainer] Ms. Tycocki's techiques and success with Molly who had been labeled as aggressive by another trainer who even suggested she be put down. Molly responded very well and I have no doubt that she will succeed in making Molly a wonderful loving pet.
I. Leader, East Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

We saw such a difference in less than 2 hours! Having the three dogs will be a challenge to keep up with but I know the results are going to be fantastic!
J. & J. Buchin, Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

We were very impressed afterwards at how quickly the dogs learned and responded. We're completely sold on Bark Busters and highly recommend it for anyone!
M. Calton, Charlotte, MI 18th March 2005

I am truly amazed at the improvement in my dogs behavior after only one session. [Our trainer] Kendra worked wonders with Andy and me!
C. Carter, East Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

Kendra was an excellent therapist. She not only showed me how to work with my dogs but how I myself should act, sound, and be relaxed.
K. Davis, Portland, MI 18th March 2005

It was awesome how quickly Louie learned that he was no longer 'in charge.' Several of my friends came by on the night of the training...they could not believe how much better behaved Louie was!
B. Dine, Fowlerville, MI 18th March 2005

Churchill responded immediately. I feel much more confident that I'll be able to remain in control of my puppy - who will eventually have a least 50 lbs. on me. Thank you!
E. Duke, East Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

It was great to get ready this morning with no barking.
M. and S. McKay, Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

I would love to tell every dog owner I know to join this program; I feel as if I have a new dog - one that I wouldn't part with for large sums of money. I knew Callie was smart and had lots of potential, but until [our trainer] gave me the key, I could not help Callie fulfill it.
Christine T., Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

I'm amazed within ten minutes of [our trainer] Kendra being here Louie was a totally different dog. He use to bark constantly; he hasn't barked since. Louie and I are forever grateful for what you have done for us. Your saying is right: a happy dog = a happy family.
E. Modert, Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

Fabulous training for both Butter and me. I wish that I would have contacted you years before! Thanks!
Todd P., Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

I am very impressed with the training program. After 1½ hours my dog is actually thinking twice about barking and/or jumping. Amazing!
J. Rieger- Lansing, MI, Lansing, MI 18th March 2005

I have a 9 year old Westie who would bark frantically whenever there was thunder and lightening. The night of the same day Kendra came to my house and taught me the "bah" technique there was a thunderstorm. I used the "bah" technique and it totally worked - no frantic barking!
G. Schertzing, Dewitt, MI 18th March 2005

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