Dog Owners Reviews

I would recommend Bark Busters because I saw results immediately! I love the natural approach to dog/human training. I was shocked at how well my dogs responded to the techniques I was taught.
Nicole K., Nicholasville, Kentucky 26th April 2016

Our Rottweilers were out of control and we were becoming concerned at taking them in public. They are only 5 months old, but they are big and scary to some people. The pulled on leash and carried on so horribly that we stopped walking them. They jumped on guests, didn't listen and had turned our household upside down. Within 10 minutes Kendra had our dogs responding to us! We were AMAZED! After the first session we followed our homework and by the 2nd session we were walking with two dogs that no longer pulled, barked or carried on. Our family (who will now come back over) have commented on the amazing difference. We thought it was either hopeless or would take months, but the turn around was shockingly quick. Now it's our job to keep consistent and be good dog parents. We LOVE Bark Busters and Kendra is kind, professional, personable and very patient. She is excellent at what she does! Money well spent!!!
Brenda and Brian J., Lexington, Kentucky 25th April 2016
Trainer's Comments
Boomer and Bailey are gorgeous dogs! They were confused on what was expected of them and you all stepped up to the plate and put everything I recommended in to place. Their behavior is reflective of your dedication to the homework exercises I taught you. I'm lucky to have been a part of their transformation!

I would recommend Bark Busters because understanding how canines think and act has been crucial to training my two puppies. With Kendra's teachings we saw immediate changes after her first visit, which we are reinforcing. We are so grateful to have found Kendra!
Mary Ellen A., Lexington, Kentucky 18th April 2016

Excellent in all areas! It's made a huge difference in our dog's behavior. We would recommend Bark Busters.
Alan C., Lexingto, Kentucky 8th April 2016

Amazing results with our older dog after 1st session and one homework assignment. We would recommend to friends and neighbors.
Jean and Dave H., Lexington, Kentucky 1st April 2016

Excellent marks in all areas. Bark Busters has the right approach for communicating with dogs and that is why we would recommend. Kendra demonstrated that she is knowledgeable and can teach humans to talk canine!
Nora A., Versailles, Kentucky 30th March 2016

Kendra educated us on how canines think and act. Homework was outlined very easily. She very much educated us on the importance of doing the daily homework and consistency. We would recommend Bark Busters because we saw huge changes in our dog in one session. We have continued to apply training and we have a new dog.
Maggie Y., Lexington, Kentucky 23rd March 2016

Kendra personalized the educational discussion with applicable examples based upon the history and background I gave her. Hooked us in right away. Kendra is top notch! She left time for questions. She was in our home for three hours and never once did I feel rushed or that she as on a time schedule. She drove home that it's up to us [doing the homework]for success (with her support and professional guidance). Kendra has been wonderful already and the program is well structured, easy to follow and caters to our dogs as individuals. We are the pack leader in our home again. Now it's up to us to follow through. Kendra made me feel confident to do so.
E. L., Danville, Kentucky 11th March 2016

Excellent marks on all aspects. It was obvious Kendra liked what she did. And, her assurances to call or email anytime seemed genuine and helped put me at ease. It was helpful to see her demonstrate the techniques and explain what type of reactions from my dog are healthy even though I perceived some differently.
Abby H., Lexington, Kentucky 10th March 2016

The educational illustrations were helpful and made sense. Kendra shared her experiences with similar dogs/families and really took in interest in the information I shared. She made sure I understood all the homework and techniques before moving on. Emphasis was placed on my role and how to carry out homework. All aspects of the program seem feasible, well researched and effective. My experience was positive. After only a few days of implementing the homework I am seeing a difference in my dog's behavior and feel confident carrying out the program.
Emily and Thomas H., Lexington, Kentucky 7th March 2016

Kendra was awesome and helped make the learning experience fun. After one visit I feel like this type of training will work because it's learning communication instead of commands. Kendra made me feel very confident thaat what I have learned will work!
Brian and Erica C., Lexington, Kentucky 1st March 2016

Highest marks.
Kinner P., Lexington, Kentucky 29th February 2016

Kendra thoroughly explained why a dog likely has separation anxiety and showed us exactly what we've been dong that has been making it worse. We learned so much and couldn't believe how much time Kendra spent with us going over everything. She reviewed our homework with us and answered all questions. The first lesson as a tremendous learning experience for us and our dog. Transformation started on day one and has been amazing. We still have a long way to go [with his anxiety], but seeing such an immediate response was great and learning all the things we've been doing that contribute to his behavior. Our eyes have been opened.
Angela and Jim S., Lexington, Kentucky 19th February 2016

The education was extremely helpful and eye opening to the fact that we weren't communicating with Seger at all. Kendra was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We felt prepared with our tasks at hand at the time our session was over. The daily [homework] calendar is very helpful. In almost two weeks, we've sen such in improvement in Seger's behavior.
Andreina and Jake F., Lexington, Kentucky 18th February 2016

Kendra is amazing! Kendra went over and above in answering questions. I can already see improvement in Queen after only one session!
Jessica and Ryan S., Lexington, Kentucky 16th February 2016

I believe all dogs/owners could benefit from this dog training. Looking forward to the future with Bentley and Bark Busters!
Brooke W., Lexington, Kentucky 1st February 2016

Excellent marks across the board. The program seems to be very effective!
Mikah G., Lexington, Kentucky 21st January 2016

Excellent marks. We would refer Kendra without a doubt. Kendra is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in all areas of our dogs training. We are 200% satisfied. She is professional to a "T"!
Laura C., Lexington, Kentucky 8th January 2016

The training was very successful and our puppy Charlie responded immediately. Our therapist, Kendra, was knowledgeable and friendly. We discussed the issues we were experiencing and she gave us practical solutions that we could use right away. I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing continued progress and success with Charlie.
Alexa O., Lexington, Kentucky 6th November 2015

Appears to be the best training. My dog responded immediately to Kendra, actually I did, too.
Ellen K., Georgetown, Kentucky 4th November 2015

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