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Scheduled us the next day (emergent need) and even skipped her lunch to work with us! Was respectful of our time. She was great with the dog!
Laurie D., Lexington, Kentucky 3rd November 2015

Kendra was amazing. She pointed out things that made so much sense, but we never thought about.
Karrie and John T., Lexington, Kentucky 15th October 2015

Kendra was excellent. I learned some really interesting facts about dogs and their behaviors and why. She educated on the importance of reinforcement consistently. I would recommend Bark Busters - definitely. I really liked Kendra. She is very knowledgeable and shared personal experiences. I feel if I can do my part, this program will work.
Tamra L., Lexington, Kentucky 9th October 2015

We noted immediately that Kendra knew how best to communicate with our pet, and us. Her intelligent and knowledgeable information has helped immensely.
Theresa and Jack D., Frankfort, Kentucky 22nd September 2015

Understanding how our dog thinks has cleared up a lot of questions for us and helped encourage us that we can increase our quality of life with our dog. Kendra was patient and listened to all of our stories and answered all of our questions. We can't wait to work with her more.
Emily and Jason M., Lexington, Kentucky 20th September 2015

Kendra was thorough and friendly throughout and very knowledgeable, personable and professional. We have already referred her!
Claire and Matt H., Lexington, Kentucky 1st September 2015

Excellent in all areas.
Jane W., Lexington, Kentucky 13th August 2015

Kendra is very knowledgeable and she interacted with me and my dog well. Very interesting education. She stressed the importance of doing the homework and I have followed through. I am committed to making this work. Would recommend Bark Busters.
G. P., Lexington, Kentucky 11th August 2015

Excellent 5 star marks on all counts. Great results already and Kendra was great!
Lindsay S., Nicholasville, Kentucky 6th August 2015

Kendra keyed in to our behavioral problems and offered immediate solutions that worked then and now. Very pleased with the results.
Sarah L., Lexington, Kentucky 23rd July 2015

Kendra was excellent. We would highly recommend Bark Busters. Kendra was knowledgeable, kind and a great teacher. Alex was different (in a good way) within 24 hours!
Laura C., Lexington, Kentucky 21st July 2015

Our therapist [Kendra] reviewed our daily homework plan and and all questions and it was very helpful! I would recommend Bark Busters [and Kendra] because they know what they are doing and are very knowledgeable, too! Only first day and we learned so much. We can not wait to continue this journey in helping our dog!
Tanya B., Lexington, Kentucky 15th July 2015

5 stars/excellent in all areas.
Tim P., Lexington, Kentucky 15th July 2015

Excellent across all areas. It has only been a few days, but since implementing Bark Buster's methods, I'm already seeing a significant change in my dog. Kendra is awesome!
Lauren K., Lexington, Kentucky 29th June 2015

Excellent marks. I was very pleased with the time Kendra to to answer all of my questions and to address each issue {with twelve dogs].
Bonnie W., Lexington, Kentucky 16th June 2015

Excellent! Kendra was very professional! She was prompt, friendly, and authoritative. We saw INSTANT results with our very large dog. With her help, there's not reason to break up our happy home.
Katrina M., Lexington, Kentucky 16th June 2015

Their approach is positive and sound.
Lee J., Lexington, Kentucky 4th June 2015

Highest marks in all areas. Liked gaining the knowledge because knowledge brings results. I am seeing great improvement.
G. P., Lexington, Kentucky 1st June 2015

Kendra was great! Very insightful. She allowed us to open our minds to help our dog behave.
Jill B., Lexington, Kentucky 28th May 2015

Excellent - 5 stars. We had tried training before and got no where. We were amazed at Kendra's training of Belle and her reaction. We have only been doing our homework for a short time, but the difference is AMAZING! Thank you!
Ed and Mary Lou B., Winchester, Kentucky 25th May 2015

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