Dog Owners Reviews

Excellent! Kendra was very professional! She was prompt, friendly, and authoritative. We saw INSTANT results with our very large dog. With her help, there's not reason to break up our happy home.
Katrina M., Lexington, Kentucky 16th June 2015

Their approach is positive and sound.
Lee J., Lexington, Kentucky 4th June 2015

Highest marks in all areas. Liked gaining the knowledge because knowledge brings results. I am seeing great improvement.
G. P., Lexington, Kentucky 1st June 2015

Kendra was great! Very insightful. She allowed us to open our minds to help our dog behave.
Jill B., Lexington, Kentucky 28th May 2015

Excellent - 5 stars. We had tried training before and got no where. We were amazed at Kendra's training of Belle and her reaction. We have only been doing our homework for a short time, but the difference is AMAZING! Thank you!
Ed and Mary Lou B., Winchester, Kentucky 25th May 2015

Excellent! Kendra is truly an expert when it comes to communicating with and training dogs. Very personable and professional. She is very thorough. Kendra is great! She's very supportive and she treats our dog like he is her own. Well worth the money!
Ryan G., Lexington, Kentucky 19th May 2015

After meeting with Kendra I felt like I understood why my dog was doing what she was doing. I also understood why I needed to do what I needed to teach her. I wasn't just given instructions without understanding the theory. After only a few days of doing our initial homework, I saw my puppy improving.
Callie S., Nicholasville, Kentucky 16th May 2015

So great! Really no words to describe the results!
Linda M., Nicholasville, Kentucky 16th May 2015

Excellent. She [Kendra] is very professional and thorough.
Rhonda B., Lexington, Kentucky 8th May 2015

I was very impressed! Kendra is extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. She was very thorough. Very happy.
Jeven M., Lexington, Kentucky 29th April 2015

It was important to understand how dogs think and communicate and Kendra was excellent at explaining it. I loved Kendra's personality and knowledge and look forward to continuing or work together! She [Kendra] impressed upon me the the importance of constant reinforcement [of the methods/educations]. I would refer Kendra in a heartbeat! Kendra was amazing and made me feel like I could take back control of my dogs and house.
M. K., Lexington, Kentucky 18th December 2014

Kendra was very thorough and she was constantly reinforcing the information. I appreciated that. She was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and also very encouraging. I appreciate that there is a [homework]chart to keep track of training. I understand the importance of practicing every day - she was very sure to reinforce that! I would recommend Kendra because she was patient, knowledgeable and praising.
E. Y., Lexington, Kentucky 19th November 2014

I can't believe the amount of improvement in his behavior after the first session. This methodology establishes my leadership position without demeaning the dog. Woody is challenged by it and likes the structure.
Vicky M., Lexington, Kentucky 3rd November 2014

Everything [in the canine educational discussion] was so interesting and made so much sense! Explained a lot of Mocha's behavior. Kendra was extremely knowledgeable and professional, also friendly! She made it fun. Kendra made sure we knew we could contact her with as many questions as we need to. [The importance of homework] makes so much sense. We need to make permanent changes and education is ongoing. We saw an immediate difference in Mocha. We are much more confident in what steps we need to take with her. Kendra is awesome!
Kelly and Tanner M., Lexington, Kentucky 2nd October 2014

I saw immediate results with my English Mastiff. I had been training her wrong all along. Kendra helped us so much. Excellent marks in all categories.
Erica P., Lexington, Kentucky 1st October 2014

Kendra was very helpful and patient with me as well as my dogs as we both adjust to the training. The program is very detailed with ways to train your dog AND thing you as their leader can do to ensure lasting behavioral changes. Excellent scores in all areas.
Allison S., Lexington, Kentucky 17th September 2014

I was able to ask for assistance with my dogs... the breeds are quite strong - Am Bully & Pit Bull. We have had the Bully since a pup and the Pit was a rescue.... the bully likes to pull when walking, was able to get the assistance needed to make our walks so much more enjoyable. The Pit was like an unruly three year old child... what a difference this method of training did for her... within minutes she quit pulling/dragging me and walked calmly beside me. I am so pleased with this and will recommend this to anyone looking. Thank you, Kendra!!!
Rebecca C., Cartersville, Georgia 15th September 2014

For a first time dog owner I found it very educational!
Ashley H., Lexington, Kentucky 28th August 2014

Informative and good presentation [on how canines think]. Felt very comfortable with Kendra.
Bob and Donna M., Lexington, Kentucky 21st August 2014

I was so surprised to see all that we were doing wrong and now with such simple modifications, we could make all of our lives easier. Kendra is a miracle worker. She told us how to correct Samson's behavior and what we could expect from him in the coming weeks. She was spot on!
Scott and Jennifer S., Lexington, Kentucky 15th August 2014

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