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Kendra was very easy to talk to. I could tell a difference in Charlie right away!
Allison H., Lexington, Kentucky 10th August 2014

I have seen immediate results. Kendra is very helpful and is great at explaining things.
Katie W., Lexington, Kentucky 30th July 2014

Excellent marks.
Sandy and Carl H., Lexington, Kentucky 21st July 2014

She [Kendra] was wonderful at answering all of my questions and explained everything.
Erin B., Lexington, Kentucky 15th July 2014

Very important information was covered in the educational discussion. Kendra was knowledgeable, personable and professional. It's a relief to know that she is available for follow up visits and support. Kendra reviewed homework clearly and encouraged us to contact her if any questions arise. Kendra made it clear that without the completion of daily homework the training will not be successful. We would recommend Bark Busters and Kendra because we saw improvements in Nina's behavior just in the first session. Looking forward to seeing improvement throughout the training. THANK YOU!
Diana H., Lexington, Kentucky 9th July 2014

Kendra was very nice and knowledgeable. She continue to answer further questions very fast by phone! I would recommend Bark Busters [and Kendra] because she is knowledgeable and [company offers] life-of-dog support.
Courtney B., Lexington, Kentucky 7th July 2014

Kendra was very thorough and ensured we understood before moving on to next educational subject. She was very professional without being condescending and she explained our homework and how to perform it. Kendra made sure we understood consistency is key. This program has been incredibly effective in a very short amount of time.
Katie and Sam P., Lexington, Kentucky 2nd July 2014

5 stars in all areas. Pleased!
Susan W., Lexington, Kentucky 27th June 2014

All excellent marks.
Jeff and Carole O., Lexington, Kentucky 27th June 2014

All excellent marks. Would recommend Bark Busters.
Lorrie and Ed D., Lexington, Kentucky 12th June 2014

I loved hearing how dogs think. We've been doing so many things wrong without even realizing it. Kendra was awesome. She really knows her stuff and had a good answer for every question. We have seen a difference already. It's amazing how much more responsive our dogs became to us once we learned how to properly communicate with them.
Cherie R., Lexington, Kentucky 1st June 2014

I am amazed at the change I have seen in my dog!
David G., Lexington, Kentucky 31st May 2014

Kendra was great! I'm a visual learner and she repeatedly modeled the exercises. As a former educational specialist I know what happens to a students progress when you don't do the homework - you don't get results! [Kendra emphasized the importance of doing the daily homework].
Susan C., Lexington, Kentucky 23rd May 2014

Great knowledge of what makes a dog behave a particular way!
Shane R., Lexington, Kentucky 22nd May 2014

Great [educational] presentation. Kendra educated us on the importance of us doing the homework. Excellent marks on all areas.
Cindy and Jeff M., Lexington, Kentucky 21st May 2014

Kendra educated us with specifics about our dog. It was very helpful! She was knowledgeable, personable and professional...above and beyond. She answered every question and made me hopeful. Kendra absolutely reviewed our daily homework plan and answered all questions. She encouraged me to contact her at any time if we had ANY questions or concerns. She educated us on the importance of doing the daily homework and of my husband and I both being involved and responsible for it. I have already recommended Bark Busters and Kendra. I think it depends on the trainer - I had a bad experience with a trainer years ago with another dog [not Bark Busters].
Stephanie and Matt S., Lexington, Kentucky 19th May 2014

All highest marks.
Heather R., Lexington, Kentucky 14th May 2014

Excellent marks in all areas. We bought our 10 year old son the dog of his dreams after begging for over a year. We purchased the cutest English Bulldog. Only after 7 months we were considering putting her up for adoption until we found Bark Busters. Now he has his dream dog back. She's part of the family. Thanks, Kendra!
Jennifer P., Lexington, Kentucky 6th May 2014

Very eye opening! Kendra was knowledgeable, professional and personable. She [Kendra] got us very excited to begin and see changes in our family. Also very practical homework that worked for our lifestyle. They [Bark Busters] have helped us understand our dog's behavior from a dog's point of view instead of our human point of view, which has helped us better provide for our dog.
Rachel S., Lexington, Kentucky 29th April 2014

Kendra answered all of our questions and cleared up an confusion. She spoke from experience and used that to address our individual needs. She not only reviewed our daily homework plan and answered all questions, but expanded on and clarified to ensure we fully understood. She stressed the importance and the potential negative results if we did not practice our homework. This form of training gets to the root of the communication problem and helps us understand the canine mind. We can't wait for our next session!
Casey and Daniel W., Lexington, Kentucky 15th April 2014

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