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Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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Robin R.

Kendra is great. She is patient and supportive. She shows us what she wants us to do and helps us achieve success before she leaves. She gives us "homework" and is attentive to questions in between […]

Robin R. | Nicholasville
Robin R.

Kendra came out and spent so much time with us. She was detailed in each of her instructions, she was patient and helped us with each of our four dogs. We have jumping, barking, aggression and sibling […]

Robin R. | Nicholasville
Shannon H.

We enlisted Kendra's help when we adopted our 3rd dog and couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. While I have done dog training classes at facilities before, nothing can compare to […]

Shannon H. | Lexington, Fayette
Tami K.

Kendra Tycocki has been a tremendous help in getting our newest addition in line with the pack! We are a household of three people and three dogs. We reached out to Bark Busters because our newly […]

Tami K. | Georgetown, Scott
Heather R.

I think Kendra with Barkbusters is fantastic. I purchased the lifetime support. At first, I honestly thought I could have purchased a lesser option because her initial teaching to us and our dog was […]

Heather R. | Lexington, Fayette
Kate M.

We recently had Kendra come to help us with our dog. He was very rambunctious knocking people over with his 80 lbs of "love." He also barked A LOT, pulled us on leash and basically did what he wanted. […]

Kate M. | Lexington, Fayette
Natasha G.

Our experience with Kendra and the methods she taught us has been AMAZING. Previously we had been attempting to get our dogs to do the right thing and listen to us by using treats or using commands. […]

Natasha G. | Lexington, Fayette
Wren B.

Our little Moose has pretty bad separation anxiety. He would follow us around the house like we're attached: we couldn't even take the trash outside without him crying and digging at the front door. […]

Wren B. | Lexington
Joe Dan R.

I highly recommend Barkbuster’s to anyone who wants to give their dog a fast track to successful family dynamics. While, to me, having a puppy is so overwhelming; Kendra put my family at ease when […]

Joe Dan R. | Lexington
Ginny T.

Our veterinarian recommended we get professional training for our dog. We were feeling very frustrated with his behavior and having no luck with our group classes. Our dog, Titus, is a 1.5 year old […]

Ginny T. | Lexington
Marcia M.

Wow! We just had our first session with Kendra. Amazing, a miracle, like going from hell to heaven. She showed us how to communicate with Riley. No punishment, treats or clickers. We're learning to […]

Marcia M. | Lexington
Virginia T.

Oh my gosh...what a different dog I have now. My dog, Bob, was a bit of a mess. He had anxiety, was hyper, didn't listen even for treats and was following me around the home like we were Siamese […]

Virginia T. | Lexington
Lexie Ann S.

We cannot thank Kendra enough. Our dog had so many issues we didn't know where to begin. With Kendra's thorough and kind guidance we have gotten Hughie to let go of his separation anxiety, which was […]

Lexie Ann S. | Lexington
Victoria H.

Our veterinarian recommended Kendra when we went to him for help. Our dog, George, had some concerning issues as well as the fact that he just didn't listen to us. He would jump on us, guests and […]

Victoria H. | Lexington
Sierra K.

Kendra was excellent. I liked the methods used because my dog responded and I didn't have to use treats or be mean with physical acts or equipment. Kendra was patient, thorough and made sure to […]

Sierra K. | Lexington
Patty B.

Kendra was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She was very detailed in her teaching and took her time coaching me step by step. I was harder to train than the dog...Paulie responded so […]

Patty B. | Lexington
Sandra W.

Kendra was amazing. She clearly explained how we needed to communicate with Sasha like a dog would so that Sasha would understand us. It worked immediately. She guided us through each task such as […]

Sandra W. | Lexington
B and B C.

We have already posted a testimonial or recommendation in regard to our original services and Kendra. She was awesome and then and cheered us on to success as we used her thorough plan she designed […]

B and B C. | Lexington
Charlene & David R.

Our dog, Mickey, the "Weiner dog" is 5 years old and we never got him completely housebroken. It had ruined our home. We are moving to a new home and knew it was now or never to get this right. […]

Charlene & David R. | Lexington
Pammy F.

Absolutely amazing. When we initially spoke to Kendra she explained they don't sell visits, they sell results. She wasn't kidding. We got results! Zoe and Fred's behavior was appalling. We […]

Pammy F. | Lexington
Lisa C.

Kendra was very professional and fun. My dog, Sophie, is aggressive and also very shy and timid. Getting her to leave the house was a chore! Kendra was patient and explained what I needed to do […]

Lisa C. | Lexington
T and D M.

Kendra helped explain the fact that dogs and humans think very differently and in order to train you must understand this. Kendra was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable. She was very helpful […]

T and D M. | Lexington
Loren C.

We felt we learned so much about how our dogs think and how our actions impact them. We felt very comfortable [with Kendra] we felt we could ask any questions that came to mind. She went over […]

Loren C. | Lexington
Dan and Brian B.

We could not believe how quickly it helped us understand Max. Kendra provided with us with great homework and answered our follow up questions quickly. We recommend [Kendra] Bark Busters because […]

Dan and Brian B. | Lexington
Jen S.

Very thorough and knowledgeable. Excellent marks in all areas. […]

Jen S. | Lexington
Gina W.

Excellent. We have seen a dramatic change in Porter and we just started training. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. […]

Gina W. | Georgetown
K and DJ M.

Very informative [dog psychology education], easy to understand, made it easier to understand Sadie's behavior. Extremely easy to understand and follow. Kendra reviewed homework...made it easier to […]

K and DJ M. | Winchester
M. C.

The dog psychology part was extremely important and Kendra explained it perfectly. Kendra was the greatest "knows it all!" Everything [about our homework plan] was clear and concise. She educated […]

M. C. | Lexington
M. K.

Excellent marks in all areas. We recommend Bark Busters - Kendra is a great trainer. The results speak for themselves! All dog owners should make this investment - it will make time with your pet […]

M. K. | Lexington
Emily S.

Kendra used scenarios and explained the difference in the way dogs and humans think. Explained why current actions fueled his bad behaviors.. Kendra was very professional, friend, knowledgeable and […]

Emily S. | Lexington
Cheryl S.

Best puppy training ever! Also, best adult dog training ever! Our puppy is off to a wonderful start and our adult dog's behaviors have been addressed so he doesn't teach the new dog bad behaviors. […]

Cheryl S. | Lexington
B and C K.

[Kendra} was very well organized. Love the flip chart for good visuals, instead of simply being lectured to - we are visual learners. Kendra was very knowledgeable, personable and professional. She […]

B and C K. | Berea
R S.

We LOVED Kendra right from the start. She listened to our concerns and immediately understood why our dog was having issues. She explained how dogs see things and then taught us how to teach our dog […]

R S. | Lexington
Wendy I.

Excellent marks on all aspects. I would recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors! With Kendra's expert input, I've made a significant mount of progress in few short hours - mor than I made in […]

Wendy I. | Lexington
Nicole K.

I would recommend Bark Busters because I saw results immediately! I love the natural approach to dog/human training. I was shocked at how well my dogs responded to the techniques I was taught. […]

Nicole K. | Nicholasville
Brenda and Brian J.

Our Rottweilers were out of control and we were becoming concerned at taking them in public. They are only 5 months old, but they are big and scary to some people. The pulled on leash and carried on […]

Brenda and Brian J. | Lexington
Mary Ellen A.

I would recommend Bark Busters because understanding how canines think and act has been crucial to training my two puppies. With Kendra's teachings we saw immediate changes after her first visit, […]

Mary Ellen A. | Lexington
Alan C.

Excellent in all areas! It's made a huge difference in our dog's behavior. We would recommend Bark Busters. […]

Alan C. | Lexingto
Jean and Dave H.

Amazing results with our older dog after 1st session and one homework assignment. We would recommend to friends and neighbors. […]

Jean and Dave H. | Lexington
Nora A.

Excellent marks in all areas. Bark Busters has the right approach for communicating with dogs and that is why we would recommend. Kendra demonstrated that she is knowledgeable and can teach humans […]

Nora A. | Versailles
Maggie Y.

Kendra educated us on how canines think and act. Homework was outlined very easily. She very much educated us on the importance of doing the daily homework and consistency. We would recommend Bark […]

Maggie Y. | Lexington
E. L.

Kendra personalized the educational discussion with applicable examples based upon the history and background I gave her. Hooked us in right away. Kendra is top notch! She left time for questions. […]

E. L. | Danville
Abby H.

Excellent marks on all aspects. It was obvious Kendra liked what she did. And, her assurances to call or email anytime seemed genuine and helped put me at ease. It was helpful to see her […]

Abby H. | Lexington
Emily and Thomas H.

The educational illustrations were helpful and made sense. Kendra shared her experiences with similar dogs/families and really took in interest in the information I shared. She made sure I understood […]

Emily and Thomas H. | Lexington
Brian and Erica C.

Kendra was awesome and helped make the learning experience fun. After one visit I feel like this type of training will work because it's learning communication instead of commands. Kendra made me […]

Brian and Erica C. | Lexington
Kinner P.

Highest marks. […]

Kinner P. | Lexington
Angela and Jim S.

Kendra thoroughly explained why a dog likely has separation anxiety and showed us exactly what we've been dong that has been making it worse. We learned so much and couldn't believe how much time […]

Angela and Jim S. | Lexington
Andreina and Jake F.

The education was extremely helpful and eye opening to the fact that we weren't communicating with Seger at all. Kendra was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We felt prepared with our […]

Andreina and Jake F. | Lexington
Jessica and Ryan S.

Kendra is amazing! Kendra went over and above in answering questions. I can already see improvement in Queen after only one session! […]

Jessica and Ryan S. | Lexington
Brooke W.

I believe all dogs/owners could benefit from this dog training. Looking forward to the future with Bentley and Bark Busters! […]

Brooke W. | Lexington
Mikah G.

Excellent marks across the board. The program seems to be very effective! […]

Mikah G. | Lexington
Laura C.

Excellent marks. We would refer Kendra without a doubt. Kendra is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in all areas of our dogs training. We are 200% satisfied. She is professional to a "T"! […]

Laura C. | Lexington
Alexa O.

The training was very successful and our puppy Charlie responded immediately. Our therapist, Kendra, was knowledgeable and friendly. We discussed the issues we were experiencing and she gave us […]

Alexa O. | Lexington
Ellen K.

Appears to be the best training. My dog responded immediately to Kendra, actually I did, too. […]

Ellen K. | Georgetown
Laurie D.

Scheduled us the next day (emergent need) and even skipped her lunch to work with us! Was respectful of our time. She was great with the dog! […]

Laurie D. | Lexington
Karrie and John T.

Kendra was amazing. She pointed out things that made so much sense, but we never thought about. […]

Karrie and John T. | Lexington
Tamra L.

Kendra was excellent. I learned some really interesting facts about dogs and their behaviors and why. She educated on the importance of reinforcement consistently. I would recommend Bark Busters - […]

Tamra L. | Lexington
Theresa and Jack D.

We noted immediately that Kendra knew how best to communicate with our pet, and us. Her intelligent and knowledgeable information has helped immensely. […]

Theresa and Jack D. | Frankfort
Emily and Jason M.

Understanding how our dog thinks has cleared up a lot of questions for us and helped encourage us that we can increase our quality of life with our dog. Kendra was patient and listened to all of our […]

Emily and Jason M. | Lexington
Claire and Matt H.

Kendra was thorough and friendly throughout and very knowledgeable, personable and professional. We have already referred her! […]

Claire and Matt H. | Lexington
Jane W.

Excellent in all areas. […]

Jane W. | Lexington
G. P.

Kendra is very knowledgeable and she interacted with me and my dog well. Very interesting education. She stressed the importance of doing the homework and I have followed through. I am committed to […]

G. P. | Lexington
Lindsay S.

Excellent 5 star marks on all counts. Great results already and Kendra was great! […]

Lindsay S. | Nicholasville
Sarah L.

Kendra keyed in to our behavioral problems and offered immediate solutions that worked then and now. Very pleased with the results. […]

Sarah L. | Lexington
Laura C.

Kendra was excellent. We would highly recommend Bark Busters. Kendra was knowledgeable, kind and a great teacher. Alex was different (in a good way) within 24 hours! […]

Laura C. | Lexington
Tanya B.

Our therapist [Kendra] reviewed our daily homework plan and and all questions and it was very helpful! I would recommend Bark Busters [and Kendra] because they know what they are doing and are very […]

Tanya B. | Lexington
Tim P.

5 stars/excellent in all areas. […]

Tim P. | Lexington
Lauren K.

Excellent across all areas. It has only been a few days, but since implementing Bark Buster's methods, I'm already seeing a significant change in my dog. Kendra is awesome! […]

Lauren K. | Lexington
Bonnie W.

Excellent marks. I was very pleased with the time Kendra to to answer all of my questions and to address each issue {with twelve dogs]. […]

Bonnie W. | Lexington
Katrina M.

Excellent! Kendra was very professional! She was prompt, friendly, and authoritative. We saw INSTANT results with our very large dog. With her help, there's not reason to break up our happy home. […]

Katrina M. | Lexington
Lee J.

Their approach is positive and sound. […]

Lee J. | Lexington
G. P.

Highest marks in all areas. Liked gaining the knowledge because knowledge brings results. I am seeing great improvement. […]

G. P. | Lexington
Janet G.

The BEST INVESTMENT I could have ever made in my dog! Constant support, intuitive training, effective programs. Don't let the price tag scare you away, with Kendra's expert tactics and proven advice, […]

Janet G. | Lexington
Salvador D.

Our dog, Bella, had significant aggression toward both dogs and humans. We thought we would have to have her put down. Our friend who used Kendra and Bark Busters told us to give her a try. She was […]

Salvador D. | Lexington
Valerie P.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We have been blown away by how Kendra and the Bark Buster method has changed our dog's life and our life for the better. Our one year old male Rottweiler, had some pretty obnoxious […]

Valerie P. | Lexington
Jill B.

Kendra was great! Very insightful. She allowed us to open our minds to help our dog behave. […]

Jill B. | Lexington
Ed and Mary Lou B.

Excellent - 5 stars. We had tried training before and got no where. We were amazed at Kendra's training of Belle and her reaction. We have only been doing our homework for a short time, but the […]

Ed and Mary Lou B. | Winchester
Ryan G.

Excellent! Kendra is truly an expert when it comes to communicating with and training dogs. Very personable and professional. She is very thorough. Kendra is great! She's very supportive and she […]

Ryan G. | Lexington
Callie S.

After meeting with Kendra I felt like I understood why my dog was doing what she was doing. I also understood why I needed to do what I needed to teach her. I wasn't just given instructions without […]

Callie S. | Nicholasville
Linda M.

So great! Really no words to describe the results! […]

Linda M. | Nicholasville
Rhonda B.

Excellent. She [Kendra] is very professional and thorough. […]

Rhonda B. | Lexington
Jeven M.

I was very impressed! Kendra is extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. She was very thorough. Very happy. […]

Jeven M. | Lexington
M. K.

It was important to understand how dogs think and communicate and Kendra was excellent at explaining it. I loved Kendra's personality and knowledge and look forward to continuing or work together! […]

M. K. | Lexington
E. Y.

Kendra was very thorough and she was constantly reinforcing the information. I appreciated that. She was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and also very encouraging. I appreciate that there is a […]

E. Y. | Lexington
Vicky M.

I can't believe the amount of improvement in his behavior after the first session. This methodology establishes my leadership position without demeaning the dog. Woody is challenged by it and likes […]

Vicky M. | Lexington
Kelly and Tanner M.

Everything [in the canine educational discussion] was so interesting and made so much sense! Explained a lot of Mocha's behavior. Kendra was extremely knowledgeable and professional, also friendly! […]

Kelly and Tanner M. | Lexington
Erica P.

I saw immediate results with my English Mastiff. I had been training her wrong all along. Kendra helped us so much. Excellent marks in all categories. […]

Erica P. | Lexington
Allison S.

Kendra was very helpful and patient with me as well as my dogs as we both adjust to the training. The program is very detailed with ways to train your dog AND thing you as their leader can do to […]

Allison S. | Lexington
Rebecca C.

I was able to ask for assistance with my dogs... the breeds are quite strong - Am Bully & Pit Bull. We have had the Bully since a pup and the Pit was a rescue.... the bully likes to pull when […]

Rebecca C. | Cartersville
Ashley H.

For a first time dog owner I found it very educational! […]

Ashley H. | Lexington
Bob and Donna M.

Informative and good presentation [on how canines think]. Felt very comfortable with Kendra. […]

Bob and Donna M. | Lexington
Scott and Jennifer S.

I was so surprised to see all that we were doing wrong and now with such simple modifications, we could make all of our lives easier. Kendra is a miracle worker. She told us how to correct […]

Scott and Jennifer S. | Lexington
Allison H.

Kendra was very easy to talk to. I could tell a difference in Charlie right away! […]

Allison H. | Lexington
Katie W.

I have seen immediate results. Kendra is very helpful and is great at explaining things. […]

Katie W. | Lexington
Sandy and Carl H.

Excellent marks. […]

Sandy and Carl H. | Lexington
Erin B.

She [Kendra] was wonderful at answering all of my questions and explained everything. […]

Erin B. | Lexington
Diana H.

Very important information was covered in the educational discussion. Kendra was knowledgeable, personable and professional. It's a relief to know that she is available for follow up visits and […]

Diana H. | Lexington
Courtney B.

Kendra was very nice and knowledgeable. She continue to answer further questions very fast by phone! I would recommend Bark Busters [and Kendra] because she is knowledgeable and [company offers] […]

Courtney B. | Lexington
Katie and Sam P.

Kendra was very thorough and ensured we understood before moving on to next educational subject. She was very professional without being condescending and she explained our homework and how to […]

Katie and Sam P. | Lexington
Jeff and Carole O.

All excellent marks. […]

Jeff and Carole O. | Lexington
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